Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 3 and a Chilly Morning it is ~ brrrrr.

Although not quite as cold as yesterday morning which was 28 degrees this morning it is at least 32 !!! Last night my daugther had a volleyball game... the lost the first game and won the last two ~ wtg girls !!!! We are supposed to have a game tonight but it will be the 3rd one this week and it's a late game so depending on whether Gracie gets up ok this morning will depend on if she goes tonight.... getting up at 5 am makes it rough on staying up much past 7 pm for the kids :(

Ok on to my pink passion for this morning ~ my roses ! My kids get me rose bushes for Mother's Day each year and both of mine from this year are blooming EVEN with the nights getting so cold ~ such strength... guess we could learn from the rose bush to bloom even in adversity ....

I can't grow a plant inside to save my life however I have such good luck with my rose bushes outside !!

Here is day 3's preview... I hope you have enjoyed these 3 days ~ and check back at DD tomorrow for the next stop on the blog train !!!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Passionately Pink ... Day 2

I'm typing this tonight because my days start so early and I've been fighting a cold ... so mornings just don't go well right now and my brain won't engage :(

As I said yesterday I don't have a lot of pink in my life but what natural curly haired lady wouldn't be passionate about her PINK HAIR PICK... I mean it would NOT be a pretty picture if my trusty pink pick wasn't there every morning for me ..... I'm not a make up every day kinda person anymore... I'm lucky if I wear it 2 times a year but no matter what the day or weather my hair has to be put "under control" !!!!

Now to go along with my pink pick here is the Passionately Pink Freebie for today !!!

I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day !!!! Link Removed

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Passionately Pink....

Well I'm not a big pink fan but there are some pink things in my life I am passionate about ... and today I'm going to share with you my love for a beautiful sunset ... the deep pink that just grabs my attention and I have to sigh at the beauty ~~this picture was taken Sunday night and was just breath taking ...and I never tire of looking at the sunset

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And now for your Passionately Pink Blog Freebie which is pictured at the top... link removed Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see what else is on my Passionately Pink list :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sorry I was MIA....

My sickies lasted some last week and then I went into clean mode.... tis that time of year trying to get things done that need done and ready for winter (brrrr) We've been having awesome weather though.. low 80's the leaves are starting to change and it's just beautiful right now :)

Today is my daughter's 10th birthday ~ hard to believe that she is that old already I remember the tiny baby handed to me who made no other noise than a "squeak".... and now is chock full of attitude and spirit and well on her way to being a young adult.... WOW .... Happy Birthday Baby Girl !!

Friday, October 3, 2008

So Miserable ....

I woke up yesterday morning real early SICK ! No fever ~ but not keeping anything down .. the only thing I'd eaten the night before was a Chicken BLT salad from McDonald's.... turns out I had a nasty case of food poisoning... I managed to drive my morning routes and my boss drove my afternoon routes for me ... and I slept it off.... I think I was awake for a total of 2 hours yesterday .... :(

Feeling much better this morning ~ actually drinking coffee !!!! (a day without coffee is the worst let me tell you) My Mom brought me some things to nibble on last night and Gatorade ... I often wonder where I would be in life (were any of us would be ) if we didn't have people in our lives to step up when we needed them.... I am so thankful for the help I get along the way. I never seem to be able to express that enough though (at least in my mind) they say it takes a village to raise a child but I'm thinking it takes a village to get through life in general and I'm very thankful for the village surrounding me ~

So what about you all? Got a village supporting you through life too?? Don't forget to say thanks a couple of extra times to them.... without them life would be so much harder !!