Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hope and George... My Twins

Today I'll tell you about Hope and George (or Nope and Porge as I called them so much) Hope came to live with me when she was 5 weeks old and shortly after the owner's who had kept George were kicking him for peeing on the back porch (not even 6 weeks old) so I told them they'd let me have him or else I was calling the Humane Society on them.... so George came to live with me ..... and I lovingly started calling them my twins :)

Their only downfall is their absolute hatred for cats.... even Hope now will bark if a cat walks near her kennel.... goofy girl is 13 years old and is pretty sure she's still young and frisky !!

I lost George 1 month from him turning 11 years old and I was devastated for him being such a big dog (and goofy himself if you see in the picture ... whenever I had the camera he had to be right there for a CLOSE UP) he was such a gentle friend. Always happy ~ loved to run and explore ~ I was so afraid since Hope and him had been together all their lives that she would not live long after he died but she is still going strong... wagging her propeller tail (wags it in circles instead of back and forth)

I used to lay on the floor and they would burrow in my hair ~ pull on it ~ I was their human chew toy .... but they were always so much fun :)

This is Hope last winter.... she's looking so old and yet keeps going strong !! So today is in memory of George and in honor of Hope..... Please don't forget to check out our charity kit ~ it's a good cause and there are a lot of furbabies out there needing our help !!!

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!!!

Murphee James...

Yep my dogs all have "human" names.... maybe because they are each like my children :)

Today I want to share with you Murphee (Murph) ~ Murphee came to live with me when he was just 6 weeks old. He was in poor health and I quickly got him back to good health and by the next summer he was starting to get bad skin... I called the vet and they said come get some pills he's probably allergic to fleas.... so I put him on the meds and he lost all his hair and had pus pockets all over him..... turns out he had demodectic mange.... the first vet told me to put him down ... NOT acceptable.

So, I took him in for a second opinion and started on a very long journey of getting him healthy ... which included toxic dips given to him.... I would sleep on the floor with him the night of the dips with towels and extra nightgowns b/c it made him so sick.... but I stayed with him and loved him through each step. Finally I got what I was hoping for .... 2 negative skin scrapings he MADE it !!!

He was very picky about dogs he would be around ... he had "Great Dane" syndrome and thought he could take on the world... a couple of times he got into fights that I thought would kill him yet he bounced back time and time again ...He did however love Shilah and after she died he started a slow decline himself.... she was just over a year when he came to live with us and he died a year and half after her.... and he was 6 months shy of being 15 years old.

They truly were best friends. Murph was my cuddle bunny he loved to lay on my lap and sleep and get attention ~ and like Shi stood by me through all of my ups and downs... even having children .. he loved the kids from the get go and I had to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't lick their faces constantly when they would be on the floor playing....

He died one year ago yesterday ~ and like Shi I haven't been able to scrap a memorial page for him just b/c it's still so hard.... you don't share that much of life with your best friends and get over it so easy. I will grieve for them for years I imagine ..... I remember like it was yesterday I went into the bathroom to get ready for my afternoon route and he was laying on his blanket with his heating pad... he cried out and I walked in and laid down beside him....he licked me layed his head on my arm and took his last breath .... it's like he knew and was calling me to be with him..... again to the end we were together. I miss my Murph so very much but am so thankful for the many years of friendship, laughter, fun and tears we shared.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Shilah Jane....

I may ramble a bit here.... this is a layout I did awhile ago of my Shi. She was 6 months old when she came to live with me ~ and I lost her Jan. 2007 she was 16 1/2 years old. She shared 16 years of my life... before kids, before marriage, through tough times..... she was my baby girl. When she was young the only time she would calm down was during football games... and she would lay on my lap ~ under the blanket through all my yelling and whooping ....

She layed in the dirty clothes when I was away .... when I would come home and couldn't find her I'd find her curled up in my dirty clothes basket... the vet said it was her way of being close to me when I wasn't there.

One year at a PAWS walk she won 3rd place in the Best Dressed Dog competition.... she let me dress her but really hated it when I did... now that is love.

And when life kicked me down and all I wanted to do was give up she's lay on my lap and let me cry on her, hug her or just pet her.... I still cry when I think of her... remembering the good times and missing her so very much she was such a large part of my life for a long long time ....I know she was meant to be mine... when my sister told me about the abandoned dog under her friend's porch... and I said I'd take her I had no clue that such a bond would be formed and such memories would be made. I haven't been able to bring myself to scrap her since she died... i have so many I want to do and just haven't gotten to that place that is doesn't hurt so bad......
I was blessed to have been able to hold her as she took her last breath... knowing I was there by her side as she had been by my side when I needed her was the best gift we could have given each other.

So here's to my Shi's memory ~ What a ride we had... I love you "Butt Butt" and will NEVER forget you !!

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Here is a freebie for you to download hope you enjoy !!! I promise to get posting earlier tomorrow.... You'll get to meet Murphee... who was Shi's sidekick !!
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