Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ok Ok I stink at blogging

But really with the holiday's etc I didn't have time... I barely had time to remember to sleep !!

Christmas went off without a hitch the kids were so happy with all of their goodies.... I went in to have surgery done last Friday but it turns out there were NO gall stones so they couldn't do anything... which I guess was good but very frustrating b/c that means I am back to square one to find out why I'm having these attacks.

I am thinking I need to get a freebie up on my blog to share with everyone .. I did just make a challenge freebie for Moo Two Designs so if you stop by the site and participate in the challenges you may just get a freebie mini kit from me !!!!!!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Glad Christmas was a good one! That stinks that they didn't find any stones :( Hope they get it figured out soon! Yes yes a freebie would be great ;)