Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Kit... and still sales.

Why do I sell my kits so cheap? It's not that I'm trying to undersell anyone else in the industry, it's not that I don't think my kits are worth more. It's quite simply that being a single mom I know living pay check to pay check and scrimping by on the littlest possible to get to that next paycheck...but I also know it's important to have something YOU love to do ... something that let's you be creative and relaxing and gives you some YOU time !! I do it so if a person wants to scrap and doesn't have alot of extra money laying around they can maybe get one or two kits to work with !!
So it's not that I don't think my kits are worth it... I just tend to look at reality and realize I can do what I can to help along the way.

With that said here is my latest kit I put in the store it's called Christmas Love and it is 1.00. I have a brand new kit I need to preview and package and it's called Snow Dreams. Stop by my store at Divine Digital and check them and other's out. Most of my kits are 1.00 or 2.00 and never more !!
Kiss This Designs at Divine Digital


Loretta said...

Thanks for sharing your pretty kit.

LilyBelle said...

This is the first time I've visited your blog but just want to comment on your opinion that your designs are not worth more than a $1 or $2 - NOT TRUE! I think it's wonderful that you offer your work at such a low price BUT, from the little designing that I do, I KNOW your kits are worth MUCH, MUCH more! There, I've said my piece ... have a great day and don't undervalue yourself. :)