Friday, September 26, 2008

Hmmm I seemed to have missed a few months....

LOL sorry all not that my life is all that exciting but I sure do stay pretty busy and my blog always suffers :(

I've went through a lot of changes as far as my designing.. I am now exclusive to Divine Digital and loving being there... you'll have to check out my store.. all kits are 50% off every day .... and I try to put freebies in the store once in awhile !!!

School has started so I am in the middle of working 2 jobs, tending to all of the homework ect along the way and going to football games :) :) Our team won tonight.. first time this season so that was exciting for the fans and the team :)

There is the link to my DD store... I hope if you read this you'll stop by and maybe in the next day or so I'll try to get a freebie up on the blog for you too !!!!

Thanks for stopping by

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