Thursday, January 24, 2008

I love Progress Book...

Our school has the option of Progress Book to keep up with your kids grades etc and I am usually fairly good about checking it... making sure that G is keeping up in class along with making sure her homework is done right etc.... well grade cards come out tomorrow so I was checking it this morning and it showed her having a "B" in Math... EEEK

So I went into see the assignments and one paper showed 00/100 and I about flipped.... so I wrote a note to her teacher and off she went... turns out he saw it this morning and the 1 didn't come through... so she actually had 100/100 on the paper and an "A" in Math (that's more like it)

He wrote a note back and thanked me sincerly for keeping him accountable and for being a concerned parent about my dd's education. Moments like that make me super glad I'm HUGE on education :)

More snow today also .... getting about tired of it.. I know it's winter but I'm so over the snow being pretty LOL

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